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Name:she was into s&m and bible studies
Birthdate:Aug 12
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Doom of a Dream

I'm working on my BA in history, and from there I plan to go and receive my Masters in Library science and become a crazy liberal librarian. I have ADD, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. These are not easy to live with as they affect things like my ability to organize, do maths, understand grammar, and have an attention span longer than five minutes. I try though; feel free to (politely) correct my grammar.

I have a Great Dane puppy named Murphy. He is a monster, but I love him. I also had a massive brindle Great Dane named MacDuff who I loved more than most people. He was my baby. MacDuff passed away June 2007 and is greatly missed.

Generally I am a very shy person but would love for you to friend me if you are so inclined. Just let me know you did and why!

We both believe in monsters. But all the ghosts and demons are you. And all the angels and genies are you. All the kings, queens, beautiful boys are inside you. No one can take them away.
Francesca Lia Block.


Interests (139):

9, acts of genius., adding random interests, ambiguous morality, androgyny, anguisettes, annoying people i love, avoiding homework, bagpipes, baking, basset hounds, bdsm, being a bookworm, being fat, being strange, bondage, books, boys who wear glasses, caffeine, cheesy romance novels, chicago, coffee, cooking, crossdressing, cuddling, daggers, dangerous angels, dar, diana gabaldon, doctor who, dogs, doom, douglas adams, driving aimlessly, ducks, e. e. cummings, eddie izzard, ellen kushner, england, epic crossovers of doom, facebooking in class, fairy tales, fat acceptance, firefly, flannel sheets, floating angels, francesca lia block, free speech, free will, gaelic, garrison keillor, getting lost, girls with slingshots, good omens, great danes, green tea, growing wings, halloween, hanners, having a genie, healing stones, hedgehogs, historical fiction, historical nonfiction, history, history ofall things gay, hitchhiking the galaxy, hugs, hurt/comfort, intelligence, intimacy, irish drinking music, iron chef, jamie and claire, jhonen vasquez, john singer-sargent, kilts, kink, kisses, kissing frogs, kushiel, libraries, lifetheuniverseandeverything, livejournaling in class, long haired boys, lord john grey, love, loveless, lurking like a lurky-thing, lust, magic, magic study, men, mind/gutter otp, mixed tapes, monty python, nancy boys, nanny ogg's cookbook, neil gaiman, open-mindedness, pintsize, pinup girls, playing with fire, plotless wonders, poison study, poking people with sticks, porn, providing immoral support, questionable content, questioning gender roles, random acts of insanity, random acts of strangeness, reading, red headed boys, red meat, rocky horror picture show, sandman, scotland, scotsmen, sexuality, shiny things, slashing everything, snark, spooning, staying up late, stone circles, terry pratchett, the doom song, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tops, truth, twilight(not the book!), used book sales, valek's carvings, wajas, wee beasties, words, xkcd
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